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EXAMPLES of deals funded this year:

1.  New SFH SPEC Construction Loans for 3 Investor owned Lots - $675k


2. $1.885M cash-out/refi of a 35 SFH portfolio package (Foreign National client) in metro Atlanta

3. $180k (bank turn-down) commercial purchase loan for a single-tenant convenience store (no gas) in metro Atlanta

4. $110k cash-out/refinance of a Quad after acquisition and rehab in Birmingham, AL

5.  790k hard money for acquisition/rehab of a luxury SFH in metro Atlanta

6. $350k cash-out refi of a 14 SFH portfolio in Arizona

7. $125k Unsecured Line of Credit for a RE investor in metro Atlanta

8.  $700k Cash-Out Refinance of Office Complex in metro Atlanta

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